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Hello and welcome to my Inner(Net) Universe. When it hits 07/23/2010 this site has been right here for 11years! Less than six months away now. Amazing that I have kept it for this long. I do know it is long overdo for an update and since I am now taking Adv. Web Site Design in College maybe some of my projects can be an update here!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy visitng my little spot on the 'net. There will be some new content coming and I plan on adding more as time goes by. So ... enjoy!

Past Updates:

05/18/05 Added a lot of new games to the Java Gaming Site! The new games are in Flash format so maybe I should rename it the Java & Flash Gaming Site? Anyway they are a lot of fun. Check them out if you are looking for something to do!

05/02/2005 New to the site!! My tribute page to the Marines. My youngest son served with the 3/7 and . Click here for my newest site addition - "A Parent's Tribute to U.S. Marines"

Tribue to US Marines

04-29-2005: Hey! I'm back! I have decided I needed to renew this website so .... New to my site. I discoverd blogging a while back and dedicated my blog to supporting my son in the Marine Corps as well as our other troops. For a brief week you could get to my MSN Spaces blog from the main page of the MSN site. Check it out here: Daily Life of a Marine Mom @ Spaces. Please feel free to leave your message of support to our young men and women in the service there if you wish! You can also access the same blog in a different format (if the dark background is too hard on your eyes!) here on Blogspot: Daily Life of a Marine Mom @ Blogspot......FireFlii

05/02/2002: Has anyone noticed that many the great websites that were created and maintained by women are disappearing from the web? The internet seems to be evolving into a monster that is chasing away some of the most interesting and beautiful sites that I have ever been to. I, for one, intend to FIGHT this ongoing trend and put even more interesting, informative and up-lifting stuff here. So bear with me and keep coming back to visit. Its only going to get better! The Java Gaming site has had a LOT of new games added. Check it out and let me know if you like it. :)

03/01/1999: This was formally the Inner(Net) World...but wouldn't you know, it kept growing till I had to rename it *grin*. Just click on the planet below that you would like to visit. I try to present an informative and entertaining format on this site which contains things I either enjoy or feel strongly about. You will find many serious subjects here ... and hopefully just as much light-hearted entertainment to, I hope, make your day a bit better. If you have comments or suggestions you can email me by clicking here or you can leave your comments in my guestbook and I will gladly return the visit.

12/01/1998: If you have or know someone that owns a green iguana and has a small child, PLEASE visit this page so you are aware of the dangers involved. Gaige's Story.

11/01/1998: Click
here to visit with Mother Teresa and other wonderful women. Do you believe in miracles or do you want to believe in them? If this is how you feel, you must visit here and read the true story of a wonderous miracle. Please bear with me as I redo and enhance some of the other sites in my universe. Be sure to check out the NEW Vortex Star design background sets on my Graphic planet!

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